Why Buy with Burrow?


If you are reading this you are likely to be a developer or self-builder with a planning application that has not yet been granted because the nutrient impact of your project needs to be mitigated. You should only purchase nutrient mitigation if this is the only consideration that is preventing your permission from being granted.

In order to understand what we need to do in your specific case, you need to know your offsetting requirement, which is the mass of Phosphate you are required to offset. One way to find that out is to use the calculator on the Somerset Council website, the link to which you will find below. The result will be expressed like this, e.g. “Total Phosphorus load from additional population = 0.34Kg/year”, meaning that you need to arrange Phosphate Mitigation that equates to that amount. When you pay for mitigation it is sometimes referred to as “buying P-Credits”, which in this example would be 0.34 P-Credits.

With this calculated information you can register here as a developer, providing us with the specific location of your site and your contact details.

This enables us to provide you with a specific price for the Phosphate Mitigation so that you have clear figures to consider within your budget. Our pricing structure means that, based on the most recent research, we can offer mitigation at a significantly lower cost than buying P-Credits from the LPA or by committing via a ‘sealed bid’ as part of a market auction process. We understand that, at time of writing, the LPA are limiting applications to those building less than 10 housing units, and the private auction option is only available to those requiring less than 5 P-Credits.

After you have registered, we will send you an order form to sign, together with process details, so that you can pay an initial modest fee for us to engage with your ecologist. Together we will produce the necessary documentation to submit to the LPA for their formal approval which, when received, enables us to proceed with the mitigation and allocation process which is funded by you, part in advance and part on completion, with the Council centrally involved in the verification of the “generation of P-Credits”.

When complete, we issue you with Allocation Certificates for the mitigation you have purchased, enabling you to evidence the mitigation and proceed with the LPA to have planning permission granted.

If you have further questions, please email offsetting@burrow-environmental.com.

We look forward to seeing your registration. You can provide your details here.

Click below to view the Budget Calculator v3.1

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