Customer Reviews

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“Following the recent installation of wastewater treatment plants at my home and the adjacent property also owned by me I can thoroughly recommend Tom Beels and his company Burrow Environmental. Tom knows his subject inside out and has a real talent for organisation and communication.”

“The complex process of my own installations went like clockwork with the equipment, machinery, materials, treatment plants, electrician, building control and tanker for decommissioning the old septic tanks all arriving in an impressive sequence. The installers were courteous, considerate, highly competent, and extremely hard-working. The choice of treatment plant is ingenious, well-designed and of high quality.”

“In having my ailing septic tanks upgraded It was my intention to find an experienced, specialist and reliable contractor, and Burrow Environmental turned out to be an excellent choice.”

Dr Capp / Somerset

“We are not on mains drainage and our property used to have an old septic tank and non-functioning soak away which we shared with our neighbours. It used to really smell and leak. About 18 months ago we had a Vortex sewage treatment system with a large drainage field in our garden fitted by Burrow Environmental. Before it was fitted I was very worried that it would smell and be noisy. The only place we could position the tank was next to our patio where we plan to entertain and have BBQs.”

“We have been very happy with the system. It works well and doesn’t smell at all. When we lift the lid we can see the bubbles working away and it smells like soil in the forest, not unpleasant at all. There is a low hum from the box but not load enough to bother us. We had it emptied after one year and the man who emptied it said that we can leave it for 2 years now because there was not much to take out. The work was done professionally, it was explained to us how it works and what we need to do to keep I would therefore recommend Tom Beels and his team.”

Mrs Best / Romsey