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Our Phosphate Offsetting Scheme provides funding to replace septic tanks

We help septic tank owners and house builders by enabling planning permission to be granted and septic tanks to be replaced, at no cost to their owners. Nutrient pollution is caused by runoff from agricultural fields and urban areas, as well as sewage works and septic tanks. Reducing nutrient pollution is necessary to ensure the health and sustainability of river ecosystems. New homes increase nutrient pollution and replacing septic tanks with specialised wastewater treatment plants reduces it. Reducing nutrient pollution in rivers is crucial because nitrates and phosphates lead to the growth of algae and invasive plants, leading to oxygen depletion and harming the wildlife of the river.

Septic Tank Owners

To fight pollution the government has created new rules which mean that by law most septic tanks need to be replaced, which can be a significant expense for homeowners. However, lots of septic tanks are in areas affected by nutrient pollution and our scheme can replace them at no cost to you.

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Our approved scheme can provide you with the phosphate or nitrate mitigation that your development needs. We work with you and the local authority planning department to enable your development to overcome the issue of nutrient neutrality using our affordable, fast-track scheme.

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Please let us know about your planning applications so that we can put in place your phosphate mitigation or nitrate mitigation at a fair price, so that you don’t have to resort to bidding for “nutrient credits.”


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